SMA Actuators

Powerful Actuation in Small Form Factors.

Smart material actuators provide some significant advantages over electro-mechanical solutions. TZ’s smart material of choice is nickel-titanium shape memory alloy (SMA), which provides excellent corrosion resistance and the most work output of any actuation technology for a given size and weight. TZ has unique experience in building SMA actuators and mechanisms based on shape memory alloy.


Through experimentation and testing, TZ has developed its own best practices for using and working with Shape Memory Alloy Technology and collaborates closely with external aerospace industry partners such as NASA in the development of shape memory and high temperature shape memory alloys (HTSMA). Our team understands how to develop devices that leverage the unique capabilities of SMA. Engineering and prototype builds are conducted early in the design cycle in our development lab where actuator performance is determined long before moving to pilot and full device production.