Embedded Electronics

Transforming Mechanisms Into TZ SMArt Devices.™

TZ SMArt Devices™ get their “brains” from an embedded system that consists of a microprocessor, an energy switch and sensors that monitor fastener and aircraft smart door latch status. The local microprocessor is required to control shape memory actuators. Its first function is to deliver the correct current profile to the material, but TZ embedded electronics technology also serves other key functions:

  • Local sensing of the latches status locked, unlocked and hatch open or closed
  • Secondary sensing of environmental conditions temperature, humidity water etc.
  • Control of secondary appliances such as status LED’s and task lighting
  • Bi-directional communication between the latch and the data base software

This embedded microprocessor is what actually transforms a mechanical latch into an intelligent latch that is able to communicate with larger systems and provide authorized access and an audit trail. TZ SMArt Devices™ generally communicate using RS485 over structured certified cable.