Improved Security and Maintainability through SMArt Devices.™

TZ technology builds networked SMArt Devices™ that use smart material actuators with integrated embedded intelligence which control, sense and communicate the state, performance and local environmental conditions to an overarching software system. The devices in our airline electronic lock system are used for fastening and latching and can be thought of as a micro security system. which for the first time extends remote control and monitoring to compartments, overhead bins and food carts for increased security and control, or to seat mounts and galley furniture for rapid reconfiguration.


The smart material of choice is shape memory alloy (SMA) that can be trained to contract in length with substantial force when heated to a specific temperature. Heating is achieved through electrical resistance and is controlled by the embedded microprocessor that also manages the monitoring of state and local sensing. The device is networked through structured cabling and uses RS485 protocol. SMA actuation offers the opportunity for many creative form factors and the packaging of this technology depends on application, space and environmental considerations. For the aviation industry, the fundamental advantages of the technology are low weight and robust latches that continuously monitor conditions and provide authorized access with complete audit trail.