The Only Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It.

TZ Aerospace Assets Maintainability, Inc. is an operating business unit of Telezygology, Inc. (TZ), the leader in the development of SMArt System™ solutions. Our aerospace industry products, including our airplane electronic smart locks, enable localized aircraft locking, sensing, switching, remote actuation and networking of intelligent objects under the control of an open software platform. TZ’s broad platform of intellectual property and enabling technologies offers manufacturers of aircraft interior components new “infrastructure” hardware and software solutions. TZ aerospace locking systems provide an integrated and affordable means of remotely securing, controlling and auditing globally dispersed assets that can no longer be managed cost-effectively by using people and traditional processes.


The Internet is transforming from the Internet of People to the Internet of Things, also known as the Cyber Physical System. This ubiquitous Internet of Things will make it possible for virtually any object around us to exchange information and work in synergy to significantly improve the efficiency of our businesses, the security of our assets and the quality of our lives. TZ first lodged patents in this space in 1998 and today, with over 180 patent applications in process, the distributed intelligence of TZ SMArt Devices™ in the context of the Internet of Things has made TZ technology even more relevant and more vital to new business strategies that are changing the global commercial landscape.


Telezygology, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of TZ Limited, an Australian public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:TZL). Through its two subsidiaries, Telezygology, Inc. and Product Development Technologies, Inc.,TZ Limited employs over 130 professional resources deployed in 10 offices across five international locations in businesses focused on technology commercialization and multi-disciplinary design and engineering services.