Smart Latching Systems

TZ SMArt™ Latches Create Intelligent and Secure Systems.

Current manual latching has no ability to enable authorized access and generate an audit trail. Generally, manual inspection is required for verification of secure closure and a traditional key lock when some form of authorization is required. Authorized access to areas and componets such hatches, E-bays and radar domes is becoming a “must have” — and so is generating a complete audit trail of maintenance procedures.


The policing of current mechanical solutions requires a paper-based auditing procedure. In most cases this is time consuming and often impractical. The audit trail is becoming increasingly important because of security issues and service procedures. By using smart material actuators with embedded electronics, TZ’s intelligent latching technology offers a real time solution to this issue. TZ SMArt Devices™ with software provide a comprehensive airplane electronic door lock system which includes:


  • Full audit trail of events
  • Electronic smart locks provide continuous monitoring of closure
  • Monitoring of local environmental conditions for predictive maintenance
  • Aircraft security smart latching system with multi-level authorization for access