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In the modern aviation industry, mechanical devices have been the mainstay of how an aircraft and most of its components are fastened, latched and locked. Typically, these devices are manipulated manually with appropriate levels of compliance and recording for audit, control and maintenance.

With TZ SMArt DeviceTM technology, the world of mechanical latching and fastening devices could make way for new network of SMArt DeviceTM systems. Systems that provide mechanical function, but with embedded intelligence that can capture environmental data, control access and manage maintenance procedures. Systems that create a whole new world and unprecedented level of aircraft reliability and maintainability.

Internet of Things

Improved Security and Maintainability through SMArt DeviceTM

TZ SMArt DeviceTM aircraft latching and fastening systems enable remote control and monitoring of critical assets to meet the aerospace industry's needs for security, systems integration and audit and compliance management. TZ's state-of-the art high strength and lightweight solutions for aerospace and defense applications enable our partners to meet new challenges in security, reconfiguration and maintainability — and create new opportunities for high value-adding system solutions.

TZ SMArt DevicesTM — a new path to enhanced security, reliability and maintainability

TZ Intelligent Fastening Technology.

Aero Asset Management

Creates a micro electronic security system that controls and monitors secured spaces.

Rapid reconfiguration of monuments and galleys extend the aircraft’s viability into new flight sector requirements.

Significantly improve security and access to line replaceable units providing an electronic audit trail.

Monitoring of local environmental conditions for predictive maintenance.

AAM SMArt Devices

TZ Radial

TZ Radial

TZ Beam

TZ Beam

TZ Latch

TZ Latch